Focus Assured can provide the solution for all your business utility needs. We offer an extensive range of services to ensure that all your gas, electricity, water and energy management requirements are met.

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In recent years, electricity prices have been volatile, impacting businesses across the UK. Prices are no longer government regulated but are traded in large volumes using complex calculations based on supply and demand.

At Focus Assured, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the best possible prices for electricity. We achieve this through our expert market knowledge and by utilising our network of suppliers from both major and independent companies.

Tendering & Negotiating

There are several stages to the process of obtaining market prices and specific information is needed from a customer in order to be able to approach suppliers to tender the market.

A Letter of Authority is required to allow us to make contact with suppliers and make us compliant with the Data Protection Act.  In addition to this a copy of a recent electricity bill will give us all the information we need in order to take this to the next stage, so that we can analyse usage patterns and volumes.


Gas, important to all businesses, is an international commodity and increasingly prone to price volatility.

At Focus Assured, we monitor gas prices every day and assess how changes in the market will affect our customers.  Whilst some trends in gas prices take place on a global scale, we can help by ensuring that your company benefits from the best possible contract.

Increasingly companies are turning to gas brokers and consultants to help them secure the most competitive rate.

Comparing Contracts

Understanding the true impact of tariffs on the amount that you pay is a challenging exercise. At Focus Assured, we are specialists in unravelling complex pricing systems that make it difficult to compare offers.

Renewal Window

Many businesses miss their renewal window and are automatically entered into new and expensive contacts.

At Focus Assured, the processes we have in place ensure complete readiness for the end of your existing gas agreement, so that if you choose to switch your supplier it is seamless and cost free.

We Can Help

To find the best deal for your business, all we need is an understanding of your current bills and to know when your contract is up for renewal.

What’s more, as time goes by, we can help you gain a greater understanding of your gas consumption so that you are able to make an informed decision on your procurement strategy.


In England, water is not de-regulated, with only one supplier covering each area, however, that’s set to change in October 2016. For the first time, your business will be able to switch suppliers to save money and benefit from better customer service.

How Water Charges Work for Business

If you have a water meter, you will be invoiced using a standard charge depending on the size of your meter and a volumetric rate. If you do not have a meter, charges are made up of a fixed charge and a charge related to the value of your property.

Reducing Your Water Bills

Due to the various calculations that make up a company water bill and the challenges of accurately measuring consumption, it is possible for water companies to overcharge their customers.

Focus Assured provides impartial advice to help you consider your options. If your expenditure on water is significant, we can provide a water audit. This involves a study of your previous twelve months’ bills, combined with a site survey to accurately assess consumption. From this, it is often possible to challenge your existing bills and even negotiate savings as far back as six years.


Energy Surveys

At Focus Assured we’re not just interested in finding the best prices for our customers’ energy needs, we are also committed to bringing down our customers’ costs by reducing their energy consumption.

We will work with you to reduce your impact on the environment, whilst achieving savings of up to 40% on your energy bills, with a return on investment as short as 6 months sometimes being achieved.

We understand that it can be a daunting process trying to get all the different building Systems and equipment, integrated harmoniously together in one easy to use package.

Examining Heating, Lighting, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are just some of the elements we will investigate. This is where using our service proves beneficial.

Energy Usage Reporting

Would you like to be able to analyse your energy consumption, compare day and night usage or produce exception reports?

Are you paying too much for Availability or Reactive charge?

If so, Focus Assured has a range of reporting tools that can help your business ensure that you are running it as efficiently as possible.


Landline, Mobile, Broadband & More

Line rental, call charges, mobile phone tariffs, SMS fees, international calls and broadband – the list of items covered by telecoms is extensive. With so many telecoms requirements being billed differently by each supplier, it has become increasingly difficult to determine whether you have secured the most appropriate contract for your business needs.

Focus Assured can help by analysing each element of your telecoms expenditure to save you money on landlines, mobile phones, data transmission, international roaming and broadband and in so doing take the hassle out of telecoms management. By maximising our buying power with all the major network operators and telecoms suppliers, Focus Assured has the expertise and contacts to help you get the best deal.

What’s more, we ensure that your telecoms contracts only last long enough to harness the best prices and we won’t leave you trapped with expensive, out-of-date tariffs.


Broadband is critical to all businesses and it’s not enough to be merely connected. Too much capacity and your costs may be too high, too little and your business will experience downtime and delays.

International Needs

If many of your staff travel and work overseas, Focus Assured can source the best international roaming agreements, helping you save money whilst everyone stays productive and connected.


In a market where the cost of waste is not included in business rates and the cost implications can be substantial, Focus Assured are able to offer businesses highly competitive rates on disposal of all types of waste products, including solutions for general waste, clinical waste, motor oil, food oil and recycling.

Focus Assured has the benefit of being a one stop shop, with one point of contact for all your waste needs so you don’t have to deal with different companies handling each service. Our services are available nationwide, so give us a call to see how we can help.


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