At Focus we understand that some business’ needs are different from just getting the best fixed rate supply contract.

That’s why we have set up Focus Assured Corporate. To provide utility management expertise that’s a little more tailored to your specific needs.

Typically this would mean customers who spend more than £250,000 a year on either Gas or Electricity. But our corporate services are available to any businesses that want something a little bit different.


Tendering and negotiation

We have strong relationships with all the key suppliers, we understand who offers what and appreciate that for our corporate customers, the cheapest rate may not be the best value deal. We carry the credibility and purchasing power of negotiating many millions of pounds worth of contracts for Gas and Electricity every year and we can use that expertise to deliver you the right supply contract at the best possible price.

Flexible Energy Purchasing

Most businesses currently enter into “fixed term & rate contracts” for their Gas and Electricity, however in recent years there has been an increased demand for what are called “flexible energy contracts”.

A flexible energy contract has several benefits over a fixed term contract. Flexible contracts spread the risk of being stuck on a very high fixed rate when the market is stagnant or falling and they increase the transparency of all the different costs that make up your unit rate. All of these benefits give a greater possibility of long term reduction in cost on your energy contracts.

Not all customers are eligible for flexible contracts and there is normally a minimum consumption requirement to enter into a flexible contract. At Focus Assured we are introducing new ways to offer flexible contracts to customers that would have previously not been able to access them.

Risk management

As well as being one of the most significant costs for most businesses energy can be a very volatile commodity with many factors affecting the price on an hourly basis.

Focus Assured Corporate will use their expertise to help you manage the risks associated with energy to help optimise your company’s strategy.

So if it is budgetary certainty you need, or you’re prepared to take a little volatility to try and optimise your prices,
Focus Assured Corporate can help deliver the best strategy in a simple, expert and transparent approach.

Bill Validation

Historic Bill Audit

We can request historic invoices from your supplier going back many years and we will perform a detailed audit of your bills to ensure you have been billed correctly. We will inform you of any inaccuracies to allow you to take the appropriate action

Ongoing Bill validation

We validate your invoices on a monthly basis, so you have the reassurance to pass them for payment and that any errors are picked up before they grow out of control. With a combination of automated checks via our software and manual analysis from our experienced team, you can be assured that we will pick up and resolve any errors made by your suppliers.

Bureau Services

It is said that it’s impossible to manage something if you cannot measure it, With our bureau service you will have access to your data via a secure portal. You can drill down into the detail of your cost, consumption or carbon or just have the reassurance of a high level dashboard display.

Business Rates Reduction

Through our Partner we offer businesses assistance in reducing the amount of money you pay in business rates for your property. Their specialist Chartered Surveyors have over 40 years of experience, providing honest and transparent service with help and advice available whenever it is required.

No Win no Fee Service

High levels of savings can be achieved with no upfront charges and a no win, no fee service.

They are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and are members of The Rating Surveyors’ Association and Institute of Revenues and Rating Valuers, assuring you of a professional, qualified and thorough service entirely focused on ensuring you are not over charged for your property rates.

Other Utilities


We can negotiate group telecoms deals to reduce your costs.


As many as 2 in ten water bills contain mistakes. Focus can ensure they are identified and prevented. Whilst in the rest of the UK there is no competition until 2017, we can negotiate to get you a better deal for your water in Scotland.


We have developed an innovative service where we can provide a commercial waste solution that will be cheaper, better for the environment and is simpler than the standard industry ways of confusing charges. Consolidated billing and one point of contact for all of your sites will make managing your waste easier.